Department of Mathematics

University of Mississippi

Recent Ph.D. Graduates


John Estes (Wei, Staton), May 2012
Dissertation title: On k-Trees and Special Classes of k-Trees


Torina Lewis (Reid), December 2010
Dissertation title: Bicircular Matroids with Circuits of at Most Two Sizes

Adam Gray (Reid), August, 2010
Dissertation title: Clone Arcs in Matroids and Projective Spaces

James Shook (Wei), August, 2010
Dissertation title: Hamilton Cycles, Paths and Centers of Chordal Graphs

Cuilan Gao (Dang), May, 2010
Dissertation title: Graph Ranking by Kernelized Spatial Depth Functions, with Applications


Justin Spencer (Staton)
Dissertation title: On the Hereditary Degree Repetition Index of a Graph

Lyrial Chism (Staton)
Dissertation title: On Independence Polynomials and Independence Equivalence in Graphs

Michelle Cradock (Bu)
Dissertation title: Reflexivity and the Grothendieck Property for Positive Tensor Products of Banach Lattices

Loni Delaplane (Wu)
Dissertation title: Connectivity and Characteristic Polynomials of Binary Matroids

Lanzhen Song (Staton)
Dissertation title: Independence Polynomials of k-Tree Related and Well-covered Graphs


Joshua Hanes (Denley), Mississippi Unversity for Women
Dissertation title: Distance Graphs on the Integers

Brian Lai (Bu & Buskes), University of South Carolina, Salkehatchie
Dissertation title: The Radon-Nikodym Property for Positive Tensor Products of Banach Lattices


Latonya Garner (Peng), Mississippi Valley State University
Dissertation title: A Partially Exchangeable Model with Applications to Correlated Binary Data

Leslie Horton (Staton), Delta State University
Dissertation title: Enumerations of Independent Sets in Graphs

Emlee Nicholson (Wei), Winthrop University
Dissertation title: Long Cycles and Paths Containing k-Ordered Vertices in Graphs


Joe Anderson (Wu), Mississippi Valley State University
Dissertation title: 3-Connected Binary Matroids and Graphs

Sankar Bokka (Mathur)
Dissertation title: Statistical Tests for the Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes

Carla Cotwright ( Reid), Hampton University
Dissertation title: Clones and Minors in Matroids

Brian Davis (Labuda), Tusculum College, Tennessee
Dissertation title: Generalized Compactness and Applications

Sam Dolo (Mathur)
Dissertation title: A Nonparametric Test for Scale in Univariate Population Setup

Stephanie Keeton (Peng), FDA
Dissertation title: The Semiparametric Exchangeable Model and Its Applications

Pamela Smith (Mathur), Millsaps and Hinds Community College
Dissertation title: An Efficient Nonparametric Test for Bivariate Two-Sample Location Problem

Bryan Williams (Reid), Hampton University
Dissertation title: Large Circuit Pairs in Matroids

Adrian Wilson (Paterson), University of Montevallo
Dissertation title: Graph Groupoids and Their Topology


Jaromy Kuhl (Denley), West Florida University
Dissertation title: On Completing and Avoiding Partial Latin Squares

Robert Page (Buskes), Framingham State College, Vermont
Dissertation title: On Bilinear Maps of Order Bounded Variation

Gibson Johnston Rayner (Peng)
Dissertation title: The Exchangeable Negative Binomial Distribution and Its Applications

Alice Sanford (Staton), University of Mississippi
Dissertation title: Cycle Spectra, Automorphic Uniqueness, and Isomorphism

Benton Tyler (Staton), University of Montevallo
Dissertation title: Tilings and Packings of n-Dimensional Cubes


Amy Welch (Paterson), Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Dissertation title: Tychonoff’s Theorem and the Metric Topology of Path Spaces

Nolan McMurray Jr. (Reid), University of North Carolina Wilmington
Dissertation title: On Largest Circuits and Cocircuits in Matroids

Jake Olivier (Bowman and Peng)
Dissertation title: Home Range Techniques Utilizing Spatial Correlation