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Department of Mathematics
University of Mississippi

NSF-CBMS Conference: L-functions and Multiplicative Number Theory

A conference featuring a series of ten lectures by K. Soundararajan (Stanford)

Dates and location: May 20-24, 2019, University of Mississippi

Additional lecturers:

  • Vorrapan Chandee (Kansas State)
  • Alexandra Florea (Columbia)
  • Lillian Pierce (Duke)
  • Kyle Pratt (Illinois)
  • Maksym Radziwill (Cal Tech)
  • Matthew P. Young (Texas A&M) (to be confirmed)

Applications & Funding: Those interested in attending can apply here:

We require that all potential participants apply to the conference (even if they are not requesting funding). We are able to provide some travel support for about 30 participants. These funded participants will also receive housing and do not need to make their own arrangements.

Local organizers:

  • Rizwanur Khan
  • Micah B. Milinovich
  • Laura Sheppardson