Department of Mathematics

University of Mississippi

Undergraduate Awards

The Alfred Hume Award for Outstanding Senior in Mathematics
Established in 1960, the Hume Award is presented each year to the senior student majoring in Mathematics who has the best four-year record in the subject. The recipient, together with the right to represent the Mathematics Department on the “Honors Day,” gets a one year membership in the MAA.

The Hugh Lawrence Quarles and Corrie Dennis Quarles Scholarship
The Quarles Scholarship was established in 1988. Recipients shall be full-time students who are Mathematics majors and are selected by the faculty of the Department.

Recipients must have a minimum of 3.25 overall grade point average to be eligible. They will be chosen in the spring of their sophomore year to receive the scholarship in their junior and senior years. Preference will be given to students from Mississippi and Alabama. After selection, the recipient must maintain a minimum 3.25 overall grade point average and a 3.5 grade point average in mathematics. He/she has to be approved for continuance by the faculty. The award will carry an initial stipend of $4,000 payable at the rate of $2,000 per semester for the junior and, if extended, senior years of study.

The T. A. Bickerstaff Scholarship
The Bickerstaff Scholarship was established in 1983 as a memorial to the late chairman of the Department of Mathematics. The recipient shall be a junior Mathematics major with the highest achievement as determined by the faculty. The scholarship will be announced in the spring of the junior year and the amount of the award shall be equal to the amount earned by the endowment fund during the previous period which usually amounts to $750 per semester. The award shall be effective for the fall and spring semesters of the senior year.

The Alton C. Grimes Scholarship
The Grimes Scholarship was established by Mr. Grimes in 1989 to assist deserving students of high moral character who demonstrate scholastic ability and financial need. Awardees shall be in a curriculum which requires a minimum of 18 hours of mathematics beginning with calculus. The scholarship is in the amount of $750 per academic year.

The John Roger Moore III Scholarship
The Moore Scholarship was established in 1990 and is presented each year in the amount of $500 per academic year. The recipient shall be a full time student majoring in Mathematics.

The William T. Trusty Mathematics Scholarship
Established in 2014, the Trusty scholarship is designated for full-time undergraduate students who are majoring in Mathematics at the University of Mississippi. Recipients will be Mississippi residents with at least 3.0 grade point average.

The Auvergne Williams Scholarship

The Irby C. Nichols Scholarship

The Pi Mu Epsilon Award
The Pi Mu Epsilon Award is presented annually to the outstanding member of The University of Mississippi Chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon honorary mathematical fraternity, based on service and performance during the academic year. The recipient receives a five-year subscription to the National Pi Mu Epsilon Journal.