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    Chet Richards (right) visited the Math Department this June. Chet was the third Math Ph.D. graduate from The University of Mississippi, having worked under the direction of Russell Stokes. Chet has had a long and distinguished business career in aerospace and has lectured both at the Air War College and at the Army Command and General Staff College.
    Math majors Dedrick Barkley, Skylyn Irby and Victoria Robinson (second to fourth, left to right) engaged in undergraduate research projects during the summer of 2017 as McNair scholars. Dedrick's research was supervised by Dr. Cole (first left) and Dr. Longla (not pictured); Skylyn and Victoria were supervised by Dr. Derevyagin (far right).
    Instructors Robert Hunt and Mike Azlin recently presented on their innovative approach to using technology in mathematics for the second consecutive year at the RTIME Conference in Charleston, SC.
    Math majors Victoria Robinson and Skylyn Irby attend the 2017 Gulf States Math Alliance Conference in Arlington, TX with faculty members D. Cole and S. Spiroff. Our department is part of the Alliance, whose goal is to increase minority representation and mentoring in Ph.D. programs around the nation.
    Graduate students discuss homework as well as assist undergraduates with Calculus in the tutoring room.
    Professor of Mathematics Gerard Buskes has been named the Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher of the Year. From left to right: Prof. Gerard Buskes, Dean of Liberal Arts Lee Cohen, Prof. Matthew Murray, and Prof. Joshua Brinlee.
    Associate Professor Sandra Spiroff presents her research at the 2017 Association for Women in Mathematics Research Symposium, held on the campus of UCLA, April 8-9.
    Professor Franck Wielonsky, from Université Aix-Marseille, gives a seminar talk.
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    This November 4-5, the department will host the 5th Mississippi Discrete Mathematics Workshop. These workshops bring together researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students from Mississippi and nearby states, as well as a number of international participants. The featured speaker for this year’s workshop is Mark Ellingham, of Vanderbilt University. Further details can be found at We welcome speakers and non-speaking participants alike.

    Thái Hoàng Lê, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, has been awarded a Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

    Mathematics major Alex Jane Martin will be inducted into the University of Mississippi 2016-17 Hall of Fame. Alex is a triple-major in Economics, International Relations, and Mathematics.
    Micah B. Milinovich, Associate Professor of Mathematics, has been awarded a two-year NSA Young Investigator Grant (2017-2019) from the National Security Agency Mathematical Sciences Program for a project entitled “Zeros of L-functions and estimates for primes.”

    Professor of Mathematics Gerard Buskes has been named the Liberal Arts Outstanding Teacher of the Year, in recognition of his excellence in teaching and dedication to his students.