Department of Mathematics

University of Mississippi

Iwo Labuda, Ph.D.

Iwo Labuda

Chair Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Mathematics.
Ph.D., Mathematical Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw 1974;
Habilitation, Warsaw, 1978

Topological Vector Spaces, Topological Riesz Spaces, Integral Operators, Vector Measures, Set-valued Maps


  • E. Grzegorek, I. Labuda, On two theorems of Sierpiński (pdf)
  • E. Grzegorek, I. Labuda, Partitions into thin sets or forgotten theorems of Kunugi and Lusin-Novikov (pdf)
  • I. Labuda, Measure, category, and convergent series (pdf)
  • I. Labuda, Essays on the Orlicz-Pettis Theorem, I (The Two Theorems) (pdf)
  • I. Labuda, Submeasures and locally solid topologies on Riesz spaces, Math. Zeitschrift 195 (1987), 179-196.
  • I. Labuda, P.Szeptycki, Extensions of integral operators, Math. Ann. 281 (1988), 341-353.
  • L. Drewnowski, I. Labuda, Copies of c0 and l in topological Riesz spaces, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 350 (1998), 3555-3570.
  • L. Drewnowski, I. Labuda, Vector series whose lacunary subseries converge, Studia Math. 138 (2000), 53-80.
  • B. Davis, I. Labuda, Inherent compactness of upper continues set valued maps, Rocky Mountain J. Math. 39 (2009), no. 2, 463-484.
  • I. Labuda, L1(μ) for vector-valued measure μ, Positivity 14 (2010), 801-813.
  • L. Drewnowski, I. Labuda, Bartle-Dunford-Schwartz integration, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 401 (2013), no. 2, 620-640.

Here is a link to the Proceedings of The Orlicz Memorial Conference, University of Mississippi, March 21-23, 1991.

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